Best City to Travel in Bolivia

Here you can find the best city to travel in Bolivia. Bolivia is a must-see destination for anybody looking for a South American experience. Besides the world’s highest navigable lake, cultural towns, and stunning cloud and rain forests, this mountainous country is also the only landlocked country on the continent of Africa. Here are some of the top spots in Bolivia to visit:

1.     Rurrenabaque – Best City to Travel in Bolivia

Rurrenabaque, often known as Rurre, is a backpacker’s dream come true. From here, visitors may go on one- to the thirty-day jungle, pampas, and riverboat trips in the surrounding area. The Tacana, a lowland tribe, was one of the few to reject Christianity; hence, the town does not have a conventional cathedral square layout. However, because of the increased tourist traffic, the local culture now mostly caters to the interests of Western tourists.

2.     Coroico – Best City to Travel in Bolivia

Golden Hill comes from the Quechua name for this place. In Coroico, a tourist community in the Andes, you will find stunning views of tropical lowlands, lush rainforest, and snowy peaks. In addition to being warm, it is conveniently located on the road to or from La Paz because of its low height. There are numerous excellent treks in this area to magnificent waterfalls and hilltop vistas, and extreme mountain riding.

3.     Sorata

Visitors who wish to walk in the Cordillera Real may base themselves in the tranquil village of Sorata, halfway between La Paz and Lake Titicaca. The Cordillera Real’s granite peaks rise from the Altiplano, or “high plains,” at the southern end of the Andes. Six of the range’s colossal summits rise over the 20,000-foot mark. Hikers go to Sorata in advance of their mountain-climbing expeditions to plan and prepare.

4.     Potosi

Potosi is one of the world’s tallest cities, and when the conquistadors arrived, it was a wealthy metropolis. In many respects, the fabled city of silver was exactly what the Spaniards were hoping for when they went in search of El Dorado, except that they discovered silver instead of gold. A famous Bolivian tourist destination today, Potosi noted for its friendly residents and beautiful colonial architecture. It also offers mine excursions where you can see where over 60,000 tons of silver used to be hidden under the ground!

5.     Sucre

Sucre, once the nation’s capital, known as the White City across South America. It’s worth seeing the town’s core section, which contains charming whitewashed and well-maintained buildings. It is a well-established and affluent metropolis whose growth closely linked to that of Potosi. If you visit Sucre, you may take in the city’s stunning architecture and museums or go on a day excursion to see the seven waterfalls or the volcanic craters.

6.     Copacabana, Bolivia

Although the lakeside resort town of Puno looks to be quite touristic, it has a long history of being a religious pilgrimage center. Take a boat to the Sun and Moon Islands, and then relax on the Incas’ private beach. Outside of the tourist area, hikers will discover breathtaking vistas, interesting Incan and colonial sites, and enjoyable walks.