Best Things to Do In Sucre

Learn Best Things to Do In Sucre. In my opinion, Sucre, Bolivia’s capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sucre should be on your list of places to visit while in because of the delicious cuisine, stunning architecture, museums, and a wide range of cultural and outdoor adventure activities. Adventures abound in this picturesque and laid-back city, from day visits to little-known rural settlements to multi-day treks through ancient and surreal landscapes.

1.     Take a trip to Cretácico Park – Best Things to Do In Sucre

A must-see in Bolivia, the ParqueCretácico is one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen. The world’s greatest collection of dinosaur footprints may be seen in this museum’s Cal Orck’o, a massive wall.

2.     Brunch on Salteñas – Best Things to Do In Sucre

The sale, a savory, sweet-doughed appetizer similar to an empanada, is a must-try while in Bolivia. It’s often consumed in the morning. I like to compare sales to a soupy, portable chicken pot pie when I explain it to people. El Patio Salteeria is the greatest location in Sucre to have a sale or two. The flaky pastry crust is excellent with either chicken or beef contents (beef). They also provide a large selection of fruit juices and a pleasant garden dining area.

3.     Espacio Cultural Origenes

The best way to experience Bolivian culture is to see some of the country’s traditional dances while you’re there. If you visit Bolivia around Carnaval or another celebration, you may witness dancers dressed in extravagant costumes parading through the streets. However, in Sucre, the Origenes event has dance performances every day of the year. The performance not only features the dances but also explains the history and importance of each one. In Sucre, you can’t miss it.

4.     The Condor Café serves delectable vegetarian meals.

Visit the Condor Café in Sucre if you’re a vegetarian or even if you’re not. For more information about Sucre and the surrounding region and trekking trips, see the local Condor Trekkers travel firm.

Best Things to Do In Sucre

5.     Consider going on a tour of the General Cemetery.

It may seem unusual, but the General Cemetery in Sucre is a great spot for an afternoon stroll on vacation. As though you’re wandering through a tranquil garden instead of the last resting place for many people from the Sucre region’s history, even though the grounds are overgrown, there are stunning mausoleums and monuments to enjoy. It’s possible to arrange a tour of the cemetery by asking someone at the front gate, but you’re free to go around on your own.

6.     The view from La Recoleta is spectacular.

La Recoleta is an excellent place to get a bird’s eye perspective of the city. In the evening, the view of the city from the plaza’s white arches is breathtaking. Café Gourmet Mirador is located at the bottom of the stairs to the right of the arches, where you may have meals or drinks while taking in the view. There’s an emphasis on Italian cuisine, including handmade pasta, but the menu has many options. Local musicians provide traditional Andean music for meals regularly.

7.     Visit La Taverne for a meal – Best Things to Do In Sucre

Are you looking forward to a fun night in the town? La Taverne, a charming French restaurant with delectable cuisine and wine, should not be missed. Every dish on the menu sounded delicious, but the steak was the standout. The ambiance and level of service were both commensurate with the quality of the food.

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