Traditional meat dishes of Bolivia

If you cannot imagine having a meal without meat, Bolivia will be just perfect for you since this country is known for a very high quality of meat products. In the world suffering from a declining quality of meat production and food in general, Bolivia really stands out with its natural farms and a traditional approach to agriculture. For that reason, the food produced in this country is regarded one of the highest quality available nowadays.

This article will tell you more about the traditional Bolivian dishes made with meat which you just cannot miss while visiting this country.


In case you love a combination of meat and potatoes, anticucho should be one of the Bolivian dishes you eat when you first come to this country. This traditional dish has a very rich taste which is reached with the help of a special way of preparation. The meat in anticucho is served as brochette and a unique Bolivian spicy sauce based on peanuts is added to the dish. By the way, the whole anticucho is grilled, so its taste is even more complex.

At the same time, this dish is particularly cheap, so you can afford it even if you are very tight on your budget. By the way, pay your attention to the fact it is traditionally eat with hands.


Another traditional dish of Bolivia which includes meat is silpancho and this one will be particularly great for the people who love Milanese. This dish is very rich as it contains fried eggs, meat pastry, carrots, white rice and also has a salad made of beetroot.

Traditionally, this dish is prepared by Bolivian families when there is a person who needs to recover from an illness and become strong again. There is nothing strange about it since the ingredients added to this dish are rich is proteins.


Providing you love pork, you certainly should try this meat cooked according to the Bolivian cuisine. In this country, there its own type of a grilled pork dish which is pretty unique. Such a dish is popularly called pig and it is indeed a pig. For this dish, a whole pig is taken which is cooked in a special way. For the preparation of such a pig, Bolivians make a rather slow fire and grill the meat over it for a long time. Long time means at least eight hours, however, you might also have a chance of having pig which has been cooked for twelve hours.

As you can imagine, such a way of cooking meat is not necessarily typical for regular cooking and it is more preserved for special occasions such as big celebrations. In their case the dish is cooked throughout an entire night.

Yuca sonso

In case you are already tired of having meat, you should try yuca sonso which is more about diary products and cheese in particular.

Yuca sonso seems to be quite simple as it does not have any large variety of ingredients, however, it is still extremely tasty and has a pretty unique flavour. In fact, yuca sonso is based on cheese mixed with cassava puree. It does not seem complicated, does it? Yet, a curious part of the preparation of this dish is the fact it is cooked on a grill which adds a smoky flavour to yuca sonso. Thus, you can try this dish as an alternative to other grilled products you are probably used to eating.

Chola sandwich

By that time you might be already wondering about a typical snack cooked in Bolivia which you can find everywhere. So if, it happens you want to have some quick snack here, one of the most common choices for you will be chola sandwich. This is a round bread with quite a large piece of a leg of a pork baked to the crunchiness is placed. In addition to it, the sandwich has onion, chili and slices of tomatoes.

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