6 Reasons to visit Sucre Bolivia

6 Reasons to Visit Sucre Bolivia

Sucre is considered one of the most spectacular colonial towns in South America. Many of the town’s center structures date back to the 16th century when the Spanish Conquistadors were rich with money from the surrounding Potosi Mountains. Sucre, on the other hand, is not simply about architecture. Here are six reasons to visit this Sucre Bolivia.

Reasons to visit Sucre Bolivia – You Should Know About

Following are some reasons to visit Sucre that everyone knows before making a trip there.

1.      Spanish language education

The ‘White City’ is the trendiest spot in South America for learning the native tongue. Due to the competition between many language schools and private instructors, costs have been brought down significantly, resulting in an exceptional value for students. Prices for group courses begin at less than BOB35 ($US5) per hour and increase somewhat for individual sessions. Sucre is extremely popular with Spanish students due to its stunning architecture, laid-back ambiance, and high-quality restaurants and nightlife.

2.      Visit an Unusual Structure – Reasons to visit Sucre Bolivia

Take in the view over the city’s crimson rooftops from the one-of-a-kind San Felipe Nero Convent. As a school resident, you will require to visit in the afternoons during term time. From the exterior, the colonial building is unassuming, yet photographers will fall in love with it.

The cityscapes; this is another location where you may spend the day languishing. Do not forget to stop at the adjacent Temple Neustria Sonora de la Merced if time allows. There, climb the bell tower for additional relaxation and spectacular views.

3.      Walk in the Footsteps of Dinosaurs – 6 Reasons to visit Sucre Bolivia

Take a bus or a cab outside the city to the Parquet Cretácico (Cal Orck’o). In the early 1990s, quarry workers uncovered wonderfully preserved dinosaur footprints from the Cretaceous era. It was their drinking hole, and their tracks can still be seen plainly in the granite face. Along with reproductions of these colossal creatures, the visitor center has an educational video. Some excursions take you right up to the rock face for a real hands-on experience. To read more about my visit to this strange attraction, click here.

6 Reasons to visit Sucre Bolivia

4.      Take Advantage of the Nightlife

Sucre’s young population is a result of the city’s several major and prominent colleges. Consequently, the nightlife is alive and well from Thursday through Saturday, with the majority of venues concentrated in the city’s colonial core. Numerous gringo-oriented eateries begin selling alcohol as the sun sets and finally close their doors as the night progresses. Thus the town has a specific English and Irish pub, a nice wine bar, and a handful of excellent discotheques.

5.      Appreciate Colonial-style Buildings

Sucre is home to what consider South America’s finest example of Spanish colonial architecture. Within these centuries-old structures, which are as attractive as ancient, are many restaurants, cafés, and hotels. White-walled buildings, exquisite balconies, lush patios, and brilliant terracotta roofs with majestic steeples, all of which contribute to the city’s unique old-world appeal, dominate the city center.

6.      Take Advantage of Some Excellent Hiking

So a must-do in Sucre is to escape the city and go on some excellent excursions across the surrounding countryside. The most popular choice is to visit the Managua crater, but there are other waterfalls, secluded indigenous settlements, and historic Inca routes to discover. Be prepared to come upon a few dinosaur footprints along the route.

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