The largest parades in Bolivia

If you a person who loves partying and celebrating various holidays, you will find Bolivia particularly attractive. With its multinational community, this country has a variety of events with mixed cultural meaning which will attract different people. Bolivians especially love entradads which is the term used for calling parades as well as festivals some of which might appear to you as absolutely crazy.

Discover these amazing events reading this article.

Bolivian Carnaval

One of the most massive and picturesque event is Carnaval which is celebrated by the entire country. Yet, for the ultimate experience, you should visit Oruro which is the city located in the highland part of the country.

You might actually know Carnaval as a catholic religious event and it has a similar meaning in Bolivia, however, in this country, you can observe the showcases of transgression between the catholic culture and the traditions of the indigenous people of the country. As a result of the intense mixing process of cultural heritage, you can enjoy the performance of more than 150 marching bands during the parade of Carnaval.

There is no fixed time for this event as it is held either ibn March or in February. What is important is that it usually lasts for four days. The main event of Carnaval traditionally takes place on Saturday.

Nuestro Señor del Gran Poder

Nuestro Señor del Gran Poder which stays for English Our Lord of Great Power is a celebration more fixed on the catholic religion and, as the name suggests it is dedicated to Jesus Christ. Even though the name of the festival sounds so serious and promising to bring a lot of spiritual enlightenment, it is actually one of the most heavily criticised events hold in Bolivia. The reason for it is the gigantic amount of alcohol which is drunk by all of the musicians, dancers and just everyone enjoying the entrada of Nuestro Señor del Gran Poder.

If you are willing to have a real feeling of worshiping the god in the Bolivian style, you should visit this parade which is usually organised in June or sometimes in May in La Paz.

Entrada Universitaria

If you are more interested in the event which do not have any religious significance, you might be interested in visiting the parade known as Entrada Universitaria. The aim of this festival is more cultural as it is hosted with a view to preserving the amazing folklore of Bolivia. The largest state university of Bolivia is engaged in the celebration in the first place as these are the students of this institution who are organising Entrada Universitaria. Participation in the parade adds academic credits to their accounts.

As you can guess, the largest parade is held La Paz, yet, other cities also have their own celebrations of this event.

The time when  you can see the parade is July or August.