Bolivian cuisine: a short introduction

Bolivia is still one of the least discovered countries of South America and to many people, the culture and traditions of this beautiful destination are unknown. The same goes to the cuisine of Bolivia. In all likelihood, you will not be able to mention even one single traditional dish of this country if you have never been here. Yet, Bolivia has a lot to offer when it comes to its food and this article will be a short introduction for you.

The excellent quality of the Bolivian nutritional products

You will hardly find a place with purely organic farming in the world and unfortunately, even in the countries which are now paying a great attention to the quality of their products, they are still far from being completely natural.

The quality of the Bolivian food makes this country really outstanding. Many tourists are not aware of this fact, but Bolivia is regarded to be one of the countries with the highest quality of nutritional products. This especially true for meat produced in this country as well as its potatoes.

If you have at least slightest interest in nutrition, you certainly know about various complications of meat production. Of all products available today, meat and dairy products are possibly of the greatest concern and it is true for both developed countries and developing countries. Small developed countries can hardly have space for building organic farms which makes industrial farming flourish. The latter form of farming is known not only for its cruelty to animals but also to the poor conditions which lead both to animal suffering and negative health effects for people.

Unlike this popular trend, the situation in Bolivia with meat and dairy products is different since here the quality of such products is on a very high level. That is why, if you enjoy eating dishes made of meat or you are a fan of cheese or cheesecakes, feel free to have as much of these products in Bolivia as you can since it will be pretty difficult for you to find the products of a similar quality anywhere else.

The variety of plant foods in Bolivia

Of course, you might not be necessarily crazy about eating meat and, actually, it is also possible that you are one of the people for whom not only meat but also dairy products are absolutely out of the scope of an allowed menu. Still, even if you are a real vegan, you will find a lot of amazing dishes to discover while you are in Bolivia.

Bolivia might not be associated in your mind with tropical countries which are particularly well-known for the abundance of fruits and nuts grown there. Yet, this country has a lot of types of vegetables and fruits which you will certainly enjoy eating and, again, you should be aware of the high quality of these products and their natural origin.

Interestingly, Bolivia even has records for the greatest variety of species of particular plants and one of them will certainly make the majority of people happy since it is a potato. Indeed, there are over a hundred of species of potato grown in Bolivia and it is one of the most common ingredients of the Bolivian dishes. This alone is a strong argument to come and taste the Bolivian cuisine.