The best souvenirs from Bolivia – textiles, clothes and accessories

Bolivia is a perfect place for purchasing textile products as it is specialising in creating beautiful fabrics. The country is also specialising in the alpaca and leather production, so you will be able to find a while variety of products made of these materials.

Bolivian textiles

First of all, you should pay your attention to the local textiles which have fantastic patterns. A crucial feature of the Bolivian textiles is their bright colour.

In Bolivia, such materials are usually used for creating traditional costumes worn by both men and women. In some places, you will find textiles sold by the metre, whereas in others they can be purchased by weight. You can pick the materials you like most of all and order a traditional Bolivian costume for yourself or for the person to whom you want to bring it as a gift for an ultimate Bolivian effect. Yet, you can also bring the materials with you and create some unique pieces of clothes not necessarily of the Bolivian traditional style. Of course, it is also possible to purchase ready-to-use clothes made of such materials in Bolivia. Such accessories as handbags, shoes and hats are also manufactured in the country.


If you are looking for very specific garments popular in Bolivia, you should certainly pay your attention to the ponchos produced in this country. Traditionally, ponchos were made of alpaca wool in order to protect people from the low temperatures typical for the rocky parts of the country, for instance, in the Andes. Needless to say, you or the person for whom you would like to bring a gift from Bolivia will find such a piece of clothes especially useful during the late autumn and winter.

Note that the Bolivian ponchos are not only warm, but they are also beautiful.


If you are not sure about purchasing a poncho, you can pay your attention to aguayos which are a special type of a cloak popular in Bolivia. A curious feature of this item is its extended functionality. Actually, there are multiple ways in which local people are using their aguayos. For example, women in Bolivia prefer carrying their children in aguayos, whereas these items can also be used for carrying goods. These are only some of the possibilities of using aguayos.

No matter how are you going to use your aguayo, you will certainly enjoy its amazing appearance and unique Bolivian patterns.


A chullo is a type of a hat which is in fact not exclusive for Bolivia as it is also popular in Peru. Still, if you are coming from another part of the world, you should purchase a chullo for yourself or your loved one. Chullos are woollen, colourful and beautiful.

Bowler hats

Bowler hats are more typical for Bolivia, so if you are looking for a gift specific for exactly this country, you might be willing get one. Pay your attention to the fact bowler hats are earmarked for women. They have a sophisticated design and are available in various versions. It is crucial to pick a proper one since different models of bowler hats are not merely the result of the aesthetic taste and creativity of their creators. Traditionally, particular models of bowler hat sin Bolivia can tell one about the marital status of the women wearing them.

Any goods made of leather

Bolivia has been producing leather for generations and its manufacturers and artisans have developed unique technologies for creating amazing leather goods of the highest quality. The greatest feature of these goods is the fact they are available for very moderate prices.

You might be interested not only in purchasing the goods which have already been manufactured, but also in ordering an exact leather item you would like to have. Visiting Bolivia is a really perfect chance for you to get perfect leather goods you cannot find on the market.

Any goods made of alpaca

We have already mentioned several items made of alpaca, for example, Bolivian ponchos and bowler hats. Still, the range of products made of alpaca in Bolivia is not limited to pieces of clothes. Other popular items made of alpaca in Bolivia are keyrings, tapestries, dolls and rugs. There are many other attractive goods made of alpaca you can find here.