Great ideas for souvenirs from Bolivia

Are you visiting Bolivia soon? Then, you should know about a variety of amazing products this country is manufacturing so that you know what to buy for yourself and for everyone you would like to bring a gift from your trip.

Actually, Bolivia is a fantastic place for shopping as it has a range of unique products you will hardly find anywhere else. In addition to it, this country defines itself as a group of nations as it is extremely diverse with its 37 official languages! This means, here, you can find a fantastic choice of products and this article will help you to pick the most exclusive ones!

Bolivian pottery and other ceramics

If you are a fan of tableware and other ceramic or are just looking for some particular ceramic good for the interior design of your flat right now, you should certainly look at the variety of goods of this type manufactured in Bolivia. Certainly, you will find an abundance of items with the unique design and patterns typical for the Bolivian artisans. A great number of goods among them are also particularly colourful. At the same time, there are many pieces of tableware, pots, jugs and other types of containers remaining in the natural clay colour. These are also a great addition to many types of modern interior design.

Bolivian minerals

As you can imagine, since Bolivia has its rocky area, minerals, stones and salts are highly popular in this country as well as a variety of beautiful goods made of them. Here are some ideas for souvenirs made of these materials.

Salt souvenirs

Salt crafts are particularly popular at Uyuni where the Bolivian salt mines are located. Salt is used as a material for creating aesthetic objects of art which are perfect for decorating your home and will certainly look untypical to the eye of the people visiting this country.

By the way, you can also find unusual types of salt used for cooking which will be a great present for your aficionados of cooking. For instance, on the Bolivian markets, you can come across such a curious product as rock salt used for preparing meals.

Bolivianite Stone

One of the most crucial stones one can find in Bolivia is ametrine. This stone is a natural mixture of two minerals such as citrine and amethyst. Actually, this natural stone is available only in Bolivia so it is a great idea to buy it as a present not only to a person who loves jewellery, but also to the one who enjoys collecting minerals.

Bolivian talismans

The lives of Bolivians are saturated with mysticism and believes into magic forces and phenomena. That is why there is nothing strange in their love for talismans.

The talismans in this country are traditionally made of stones and they have special images. It is popular to depict animals, totems and also ancestral gods on their talismans. Needless to say, such talismans have not only magic power but also a unique beauty and can become an amazing addition to various fashion creations.


One of the most popular types of gifts brought home by travellers around the world from their holiday destinations is local alcohol. You might be wondering what is the unique Bolivian alcohol you can purchase which cannot be found anywhere else.

Actually, there is such one. It is called Supay and it is featured with aniseed flavour with some spicy hints. Interestingly, Supay is the name of the god of death and it is his face decorating bottles with this drink. As you can imagine, this cannot be a coincidence and the strength of the Bolivian liquor is pretty serious.


One more product which is very popular among the tourists coming to Bolivia is Mentis. To some degree, Mentis is an alternative to Chines Tiger Balm. This one is produced of pine, menthol and eucalyptus. In Bolivia, it is common to use the product for relieving animal and insect bites, cough as well as muscular pain.