Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia: Land-locked Bolivia is one of the least explored nations in South America, making it appear strange and foreign. A journey beyond its borders will reveal a fascinating country of contrasts, where the dizzying heights of the Altiplano meet the pristine Amazon rainforest, and ancient indigenous traditions are still embedded in the cultural fabric.

Top Cities to visit in Bolivia

Bolivia’s communities, from exquisite historical villages to jungle-fringed settings, each have their attraction. Here are some of the best cities to visit in Bolivia.

1.      Coroico Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

Coroico, in the Northern Yungas, is a welcome reprieve from the hectic large metropolis, set in the gorgeous semi-tropical jungle about two hours from La Paz. Exploring the town by foot is a delight, while more daring visitors can take a spine-chilling bike ride down the infamous Death Road.

2.      Oruro

Oruro’s primary attraction is its yearly religious carnival, which has been going on for roughly 200 years. Around 28,000 dancers and musicians in vibrant costumes perform their traditional dance, which always begins with the ‘diablada’ or devil dance.

3.      Tarija

In the south of Bolivia, Tarija surrounds by undulating vineyards, making it a great base to explore the wineries of El Valley de la Concepción, which produces the world’s highest-altitude wines. The town itself is charming, with palm-fringed squares and sun-drenched café and bar patios – a welcome change from the steamy Amazon or the frigid Altiplano.

4.      El Alto

El Alto Not just for its excellent cable car but also for the historical and cultural importance of La Paz. Both are in the west of the nation.

We’re talking about one of Latin America’s tallest, most populous, and youngest cities (1985).

5.      Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra wins the most populated and economic medals. It is situated on the Pira River in the heart of the area. As a result, it is one of the must-see towns in Bolivia.

The municipality’s economic success grows along with its population and visitor numbers. Santa Cruz de la Sierra attracts a third of Bolivian tourists for its unique architecture.

6.      Cochabamba

It was a La Paz suburb until the 1980s when it obtained autonomy. Cochabamba dubb the City of Eternal Spring because it feels like spring all year round.

TripAdvisor recommends Cochabamba three times in the appendix. So it simply indicates that the city’s attractions are must-sees. Tunari Peak, EL Cristo de la Concordia, and Palacio Portales were suggested.

Tunari Peak is a high-altitude mountaineering and trekking destination at 16,480 feet. The white sheet covering the perilous hiking grounds is a lovely tourist sight, but the trekking component should be left to the pros.

Bolivia is 95% Catholic. So a 33-meter Jesus Christ monument is not off subject. Thus this 33-meter-high statue represents his age at death. Just stroll or drive past Av. Las Heroines for a closer view.

7.      Copacabana

Copacabana is a small town on the shores of Lake Titicaca that inspired the more well-known Brazilian Copacabana – or, more precisely, the shrine of the Virgin of Copacabana, thus the town’s most prized possession. So it house in the magnificent Basilica of Copacabana, which retains many of its pre-colonial Moorish elements and continues to draw a large number of tourists and pilgrims each year.

You may begin your journey of Bolivia’s Lake Titicaca from here since the town is warm and hospitable. Please take your time while visiting and spend at least one night at the lakefront where you may observe the inhabitants and take in the environment. Additionally, it’s the final city in Bolivia before you enter Peru from the other side of this border town.

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