Best Attractions in Coroico

Best attractions in Coroico, you will not be short of things to do. Therefore, Visit museums and shops in the city’s downtown district. Or that delectable dish you’re about to prepare. Has the ability to pique your interest. The restaurant you have heard so much about is serving a mouthwatering five-course meal. Another option would be to relax with a newspaper and a nice cup of coffee at one of the many cafés located all across town. Attend a play at the local theatre or stroll down the main street, taking in the sights and sounds of the people who pass you by.

Why waste time deliberating about what to do in Coroico for hours on end? As you go through this new zone, allow yourself overwhelmed the possibilities. Become more familiar with the region by walking about. Visit a small shop to pick up the perfect souvenir, or visit a gallery to discover a new artistic style.

San Juan waterfalls Coroico-Best Attractions in Coroico

The best attractions in Coroico are three waterfalls known as the San Juan Waterfalls, and the route to get to them is very clear. You can also find a map in the main square where a tourism agency gives out maps and other useful information. China, San Felipe, and San Jacinto are the names of the three waterfalls.

Camino de la Muerte Coroico-Best Attractions in Coroico

The North Young’s Road connects La Paz, Bolivia, with the Best attractions in Coroico, Bolivia, 56 kilometers northeast across Young’s area. The Inter-American Development Bank rated it the world’s most hazardous road in 1995. According to one estimate, the number of people murdered on the road in 2006 was between 200 and 300. Many of the places where cars have slid off the road have cross marks. La Paz to Chulumani South Young’s Road is 64 kilometers east of La Paz and is almost as perilous as the North Young’s Highway (North Road).

Nevada Sajama National Park

The highest point in Bolivia is Nevada Sajama, an extinct stratovolcano one of the Best attractions in Coroico. Located in the Sajama Canton’s Oruro Department, the mountain is a significant landmark. In Sajama National Park, it is a stratovolcano atop numerous lava domes and referred to as a composite volcano. Exactly when the previous eruption occurred is a mystery, although it might have occurred during the Pleistocene or perhaps the present. Polylepistarapacana trees grow up to 5,000 meters high in the mountain’s ice crown.

Camino de la Muerte

Many titles have been given to the route connecting La Paz, Bolivia, and Coroico, the capital of Young’s area. The most descriptive is El Camino de la Muerte, which means “The Road of Death.” Although the official death toll on this stretch of road is unknown, it’s safe to assume that at least 1,000 people have perished along the way.

Cafe Munaipata Coroico

Young’s coffee is well-known across the globe is one of the Best attractions in Coroico. A terrific chance to learn about the completely coffee-making process, from the bean to cup. On-site accommodations offer for visits lasting anything from three hours to a full day. The recommendations are excellent, so visiting this while in Coroico is necessary. Of course, you are free to go while carrying a coffee mug in your hand. Even the world-famous Condor Café de Sucre serves Munaipata coffee.

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